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Going Virtual 101: Event Tips From The Pros

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

One of the top questions we are getting from organizations is for assistance and guidance in moving their postponed or cancelled events online. Many associations and organizations are looking for basic advice and tips on putting together an effective virtual event.

Our AV & production partner, ProShow Audiovisual, put together a quick virtual 101 checklist that will ensure you've got your bases covered to deliver a great virtual experience.

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Virtual Event Tips and Keys to Success:

  1. Use a professional host to break up the program: Using a professional host allows you to break up lengthy segments, enhance key content, sets a professional tone, smooth over rough patches and makes the event feel like a dialogue. They are professionally trained to keep the energy high, move the program along and build engagement.

  2. Consider security: It’s critical to be aware and take preventative steps to mitigate security risks. Hackers and Zoombombers are prevalent and as an event organizer, you should understand how to mitigate these risks and manage them if they attack your event.

  3. Confirm bandwidth: Remember that bandwidth is critical to deliver a high quality event in high-definition. Different platforms, tools and software require different bandwidth so ensure you and your presenters understand the requirements of your platform.

  4. Consider the impact of internet outages: Having a backup internet connection in the event of a outage will ensure you remain “on the air”. Planning for multiple hosts, backup websites and a communication strategy in case of an outage is critical for success of your virtual event.

  5. Content is king: Just like in a live event, compelling and interesting content is critical for remote viewers. Having a well thought out agenda, event plan and content that can be consumed in segments will be important as attention spans are much more limited online.

  6. Scripting and technical cues are a key to a smooth event: An accurate script allows your presenter to confidently present their message and know that video cues, slide changes or throws to remote presenters happen seamlessly. Remember to allow for ample rehearsal time!

Check out ProShow's Virtual Event Webinar here for more details and tips on how to create a professional virtual event.

Through the ARISE Event Collective, Proshow Audiovisual is offering a 60 minute, complimentary one-on-one consultation to review your event AV details, contracts, production plans. The team at Proshow can also provide advice and strategy regarding creating virtual events. Book your call with Proshow here.

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