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As the meetings and events industry continues to try and make sense of the new landscape we find ourselves operating in, one truth is constant - nothing is certain.  Trying to conceive, design and execute an event on a "normal" day is difficult enough, but when variables continue to shift and change on a daily basis, the task is almost impossible.

If you are responsible for your association's annual conference that has just been postponed (again!) or maybe you find yourself as a one-person marketing department all of a sudden in charge of your company's events, the ARISE Event Collective can support you as you try to create safe, worthwhile events and experiences that continue to deliver value for

your stakeholders.



Our collective partners can offer advice regarding almost every aspect of your event. Drawing on industry best practices and years of experience, our partners can ensure you're getting objective, actionable advice.



Lean on our experts to get your transition your event strategy out of the Covid-19 crisis. We can provide assistance with contract reviews, risk assessment, venue negotiations and crisis management designed to get your event back on track.



Tap into our partners' expertise to learn about new ways of delivering your event experience including unique program design tips, emerging technologies platforms and moving your event online.



Having a team of experts to lean on will
make creating your event strategy much easier.
We are here to listen, vet ideas, challenge current thinking. to ensure you are not in this alone.



Events have been forever changed by this pandemic. New venue regulations, virtual events and new technologies mean you need to stay ahead of the curve. Our partners can assist you with planning what's next for your event to ensure your event stays relevant.

We Got Your Back!

The firms that make up the ARISE Event Collective are seasoned experts, leaders in their respective fields, who have banded together to offer you a full-service team that you can lean on. You're not in this alone.

Find out more about each of our partners and how they can lend a hand or get in touch if you're ready to get started.

Advise. Recover. Innovate. Support. Evolve.

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