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about arise


In the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, the way we design and deliver events have been and will continue to be radically transformed, in ways many of us do not yet understand.

As an organization, association or not for profit who relies on your events as a way to stay connected to your community and generate revenue for your organization, it is imperative that you understand how this new landscape will impact the way you deliver your events.

The ARISE Event Collective is a team of like-minded, Canadian event service professionals who have come together to provide organizations with complimentary event advice, expertise, and support as you transition your events into the new landscape.​ Our collective of partners is comprised of a roster of well-respected industry leaders who wish to support the events industry through this pivotal transition.

We hope to lend our experience, knowledge and insights to support your organization and ensure that you’re well equipped to continue delivering successful events.

As a collective, we believe in the power of events to transform communities. We believe that properly designed and executed  events can create change. Let us help you achieve that.

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